On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, as part of the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty with the thematic “Human Capital”, Empower Ladies had the privilege of making visit with the World Bank Group in Haho Prefecture in Gbemegni. It was a question about monitoring the FBS projects (which have 3 components, including the construction of infrastructure, school canteens and cash transfers) of ANADEB financed by the World Bank.

As founder and president of the Empower Ladies association, I had the opportunity to present the activities of this organization and to take the opportunity to raise awareness among the parents of students present on the importance of educating the girl child during the radio program “Club de la presse” relocated.

Personally, I believe that the development of a nation cannot be achieved without the effective involvement of women. Since education is the foundation of all development, it is essential that girls have access to quality education at a lower cost because a well-educated girl will become a fulfilled woman. And in the process, an inspiring mother who will ensure the family’s development since it is through her that the child’s education is transmitted.
I was especially impressed by the involvement of the Gbemegni community in the maintenance and conservation of the public buildings made available to them by the Togolese State. It can be noted that the residents have spared no effort to take care of the public good in the locality. It is a good example of good citizenship to be replicated in our communities.

Poverty can only be eradicated by starting with mental poverty and behaviour change. To have wealth, you have to think, have a vision, plan strategies, know how to invest or what to create to earn money. So I think that instead of waiting for money to be given to us to get out of poverty, we can already start by exploiting our first source of wealth, our brain, to think about what can bring us money.

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