“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. However, it is sad to note that until today many girls do not have access to education for various reasons.

In order to make education easier to access and on the occasion of the International Girls’ Day, the Empower Ladies association organized an awareness campaign on the importance of girls’ education in the Haho prefecture, precisely in Dovikopé, near the town of Notse in Togo.

The discussions focused first on the themactic of the day: ” girls, a free and unstoppable force “. We explained this theme by insisting that being a strong girl does not mean that she should be a rude girl, nor a rude or aggressive girl towards the opposite sex, but a girl who has confidence in herself, who knows what she wants, who knows how to fight for what she wants and who has a good self-esteem. In a way, this would not mean that they have to let themselves be stepped on. They just have to set limits to impose themselves as queens.

Then, we made the mothers present aware of the usefulness of sharing household chores between boys and girls at home so that both could save time and have time for their studies.

Finally, before we separated, we offered 120 teenage girls 240 sanitary napkins to encourage them to take better care of themselves. One of the reasons girls sometimes miss school is their menstruation. And it seems that they sometimes can’t afford sanitary napkins when they are confronted with the mockery of their classmates, which is why they decide to stay at home.

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