I thought I could post every week an article during my stay in the United States of America but I cannot due to how busy I am with this program.

Hello everyone. I hope this article will find you well , even i am super busy doing others things.

For the past two weeks, I realized my strength. Indeed, I successfully passed a CLIFTONSTRENGTH test which revealed my first 5 assets that I will share with you. So I am:


This test allows each individual to rediscover themselves in order to better know their personality. This test focus on a better management of company or organization, and promotes an outstanding relationship with staff.
A course on transformative leadership left a deep impression on me as many people do not like to question themselves because it is easier to blame others than to acknowledge its own mistakes. I learned from this course how important it is for a person to be able to question itself and ask the right question for better leadership. I spent two days at the Rutgers Newark Communications Office where I learned so much about digital, social entrepreneurship, and journalism. I feel more prepared and ready than I was prior this course.

3 days in Washington DC, the political capital of the United States were unexpected and fabulous for allowing me to realize some of my dreams.

I also spent a day at the AFRICA CENTER FOR RESEARCH where we conducted a simulation exercise with other fellows on problem solving and especially the analysis of an insecurity problem. I was able to visit CARE USA, a world leader dedicated to poverty eradication. I also spent a few hours at BROOKINGS INSTITUTION, an American research group founded in 1916 on the Think Tank Row in Washington, D.C. It conducts research in social science education, but mainly in economics.

I also spent a few hours at WHO (World Health Organization) headquarters where I shed into tears on the last visit. I realize that things that matter in our lives are ”Time, Hard work, Perseverance, Patience and Faith. Never and, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would have found myself on the Capitol of the United States, the supreme symbol of World Power. You have to be there to understand. From the crypt where all the addresses from Washington to the Rotunda leave, oh my God! Nor did I think I would have met two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat. That’s how I felt.

Back in New Jersey the next day, I went back to Newark communication office as part of my PDM (Professional Development Mentorship). I was introduced to a journalist, producer, film actor and writer. His name is Samson styles. He was a journalist at BET but now he has his own film and documentary production company. Our first discussions focused on feminism in the USA in general and feminism in Black African

communities.  I watched his 1h30 documentary film which is available on Revolt tv ( killinghttps://youtu.be/lor6JRxIex4 beef, Gun violence In Black community) I realized that the celebrity I have in front of me was also a member of a gang group and convicted. He had tremendous issues in the past but he was able to overcome these issues and took control of his Life in a better way. He inspired me positively. For that I can say, whatever the situation we go through we can change our lives because we are in control of it and only we know what we want to do with it.

I would like to encourage everyone that is going through difficult times right now and think that it is over for them that no storm lasts forever. Nothing is easy but everything is possible. Let them continue to believe. The best days are ahead.

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