I am not used to talking about myself through my tickets. But on this last day of the year, let me tell you a bit about me.

Hi everybody! I’m Hamiya Katchirika. I am an eternal optimist. Since my existence I have seen the glass half full; and even if it gets a little empty I will quickly think it through. I always thought that I would have everything: being a woman, love and live my life as I see it, have a rich personal life, and hanguing out with my friends, be a hardworking girl in studies, work and pursue a career that would make me and my mother proud. Many people know me as a vlogging journalist in female leadership. I started off as an entrepreneur a month ago by setting up HK GROUP which is currently composed of HK SHOP and HK YOGHURT. Yes, your female vlogger is now a businesswoman.

Many people have encouraged and congratulated me for this undertaking and change that have taken place into my life; some also did not believe me, asking questions like: what? are you serious? So you mean, you have now a selling shop ( HK SHOP is a selling shop of cosmetics, and other furnitures like bags, shoes, watches, lashes and other stuffs as well…) Don’t you want to continue your studies till the master’s degree? The money invested in the business, could allow you to study abroad? Those negative remarks made me doubt and I do confess it was not that easy (when I spent the first week at the HK shop alone with almost no customers); I thought people were right on their points. But I was perseverant and I understood that as long as one has the will, and as long as one knows his or her feelings; as long as we are not afraid of failing and that we can get up and start over again and again, we can go further.

Who has never had this dream of being his own boss and an entrepreneur?

Many people aspire to be their own boss for a number of reasons. Some were driven by passion, others by followers. Personally, I decided to undertake because I am tired and sick of being asked to open my legs just for an internship. Yes, there are directors of institutions who do not recruit women because of their intellectual skills, unfortunately. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Concerning the little experience I have; firstly, it is necessary that one has some vocation and secondly that one has especially the taste of the risk. Because to undertake simply means to take risks.

Is it accessible to everyone?

Honestly to my humble viewpoint, it is NO; and I do share the point of view of John ZIDAH who states in his article “we do not all become entrepreneurs”. So, I found myself overnight playing the role of my own hawker, walking under the hot sun of the big market while touring several shops in search of the best products for my clients. All this was hard for me but I had do apdapt myself if I want to do better and be successful than KIM KARDASHIAN WEST and WU YAJUN. Yes, I have very big ambitions for HK GROUP. And to you, dear ladies who aspire to be businesswomen some day, I encourage you. Go beyond your fears, make sure you have a vocational call; make sure you are able to overcome all the obstacles you will have to face; avoid bad company and bad counselors; and most importantly, always listen to your heart.

Above all, remember this: Behind every businesswoman, there is a vocation (Yours).

I wish you all a fruitful year 2019. My best wishes.

Ps: HK SHOP and HK YOGHURT are located in Agoè Minamadou in front of the Total station 1.

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