“Women are the most disciplined, they provide better management of services, they have many capabilities, they are very competent and patient,”

Salam, hello, shalom everyone (it’s what you want )  It’s been a long time !! As you can see, I am very excited to meet you again. Get settled I will tell you something. October 16th, I was in kpalime through the initiative of World Bank for a field visit in preparation for the International Day to Fight Against Poverty. With the World Bank, we visited the Choco-Togo cooperative, which is also the very first chocolate producer in Togo and also one of the beneficiaries of the PASA funding. Brief introduction of choco –Togo. Choco-Togo was born in 2013. So it’s been five years since it started. She produces chocolate, spreads, chocolate cakes. It has 2 offices (Lomé and kpalimé). It is a company composed of dynamic young people. She exports chocolate to Japan, delivers cakes for Asky airline and is well known in the USA, France, Belgium and Italy. The most impressive part is that choco-Togo did not only think about making money but also changing the conditions of rural women and women in their community. To achieve this, she hires 80% of women and 20% of men (something that many companies do not do).
How women make a society viable and if we invest in them, they move the world. It was a sense of pride and emotion for us who visited them to listen to the stories of rural women working for this company. The World Bank in its commitment to support Togo in the fight against poverty, the day after the field visit, organized a discussion with a panel of experts to better inform students and bloggers about job opportunities in the region. It was followed by a video conference broadcast in twenty connected African countries during which the vice president in his speech made the inventory of poverty. According to him, nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $ 5.5 a day. This means that if extreme poverty has declined, billions of poor people are still struggling to meet their basic needs.
He concludes by proposing solutions that are among others the State’s investment in health, reducing the number of children per family, investing in human capital, investing in technologies, setting up a participatory youth platform. He also stressed that youth must be leaders in serving their communities and mobilizing their efforts to bring change.

This is what I had to tell you. We wish a very long life to choco Togo and invite massively Togolese to consume the products of these young Togolese who create and innovate in the agribusiness. One of the major concerns that Choco Togo faces is that the Togolese do not really buy their products. I therefore invite you to make the effort to consume locally because not only do these young people redefine the image of the country but they create jobs for their fellow citizens and change the lives of the vulnerable women. If you do not include women in the management of your activities, this is an opportunity to start by doing so, but if it is the case, continue in this direction. Simone de Beauvoir said this: To educate a woman is to educate an entire nation. And I say: investing in a woman, associating a woman with her projects is constantly prospering and ensuring the sustainability of the future.

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