I’m a social entrepreneur, it’s the new trend among young people these day, but it’s sad to remark that many people do not know exactly what they mean using this concept every day.

Hello my people, make sure we’re going to talk about social entrepreneurship, its benefits and also highlight the work of a lady who excels in this area. Last week I had the chance to participate in an international conference on social enterprises in Togo. It brought together leading international social entrepreneurs, such as Mr Tchalla from the NGO alaffia-togo, Salim Dara from Benin Ashoka, Matilda Payne from Ghana, Cynthia Heller from Usa, Eularik Philouze, Patrick Egounletey and Guy Gweth to name just a few.  After they have intervened, I could notice that the social entrepreneur should the one who has for instance $ 10 as income and decides to invest $ 1 in the services of his community. To become a social entrepreneur, you must first identify a relevant problem in your community or  a social problem, then define a solution to the problem, establish a strategy, create the business plan, make partnerships, measure the impact you can have about your community and respect the legal framework. If you are already an entrepreneur and you meet these criteria, then you are a confirmed social entrepreneur, otherwise you still have work.

I choose to highlight the work of a lady. Her name is Mathilda Payne, CEO of “Mathilda haute couture”, co-founder of M.Y. Extreme Decor.

Mathilda Payne at Social Business Conference Lomé.

She accepted to answer to some of my questions:

H.K: Good evening Mrs. Payne, Introduce yourself to the readers please.  We (I and my readers) would like to learn from your experience * as a confirmed social entrepreneur *

Mathilda Payne : Okay good afternoon. All right. My name is Mathilda Payne. I am the founder of Mathilda Haute Couture and co-founder of M.Y. decor. We recycle in to obstacle handle full ways cos arms Environment. We turn them to useful things for the home.  Because we believe that, every business must have a social responsibility because it is only when we empower community, that our business grow and the economy grow as well.
As a social entrepreneur, I have 3 social issues that we are working on currently the first one: we fight to find out alternative uses for handle full  ways in our environment so in our own small way, We meet gate claiming change also because the five percent of whatever we sell is invested in the education of young girl in our society because  we believe that when you educate a woman,  you educate a nation. We also believe in a woman empowerment. Therefore, seventy percent of the people we work with are women because we know that women do have a lot of challenges in my country and I focus on an area that gathers women who migrate from the north to the south because they want to run away from charges marriages
So, we try to encourage them. We give them training, mentoring and give them employment. So that they can have a better lives.

H.k: a message or advice to Togolese women and African women in general.

M. P: I believe in the power of women. I believe that if we look women first,  there will be prosperity
So, my little advise to the young girls in Africa especially in Togo is that you should dream  and dream big, But by dreaming, you must stay focus and find a need that is in the environment or in the society,  find the solution to it at the same time making a joy
You should never be deterred. I encourage all women especially young girls to always look within themselves and think out of the box.
You should be bold and make difference in the world. Thank you.

And I add that being a woman is a privilege, there is no better than that. We are so intelligent, full of potentialities, My dream is to see many of us in positions of decision, I believe in it and I work on it, yes because it is not enough to believe it, we must work together, and supporting each other as J.A. Holmes says “ There is no better exercise for the heart than to bend over to help someone get up”.


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